This is haunting me.
The thought of accepting that we’re nothing is daunting and the thought that you don’t want me is taunting me.
It dawned on me that it’s wrong of me to long for you the way I do. I’m just so tired of the love I have never getting through.
- Kayla Kathawa - message not sent, retry?  (via ninakathawa)



so i was looking up news about Pirates 5 and


Johnny Depp is the only cast member listed

johnny depp is every role

just johnny depp

for everyone





e t e r n a l  j o h n n y



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His hands are holding my cheeks, and he pulls back just to look me in the eye and his chest is heaving and he says, “I think,” he says, “my heart is going to explode,” and I wish, more than ever, that I knew how to capture moments like these and revisit them forever.
Because this.

This is everything.

- Tahereh Mafi, Ignite Me (via hqlines)


Whenever I get angry, or stressed, or anxious, I write this. Same spot, same words. It’s simple and kinda stupid but it’s a reminder I can hide and look at when the world gets just a little too big for me. Maybe it can help you too.
Remember to take the world one day at a time, and you’ll make it through even the biggest problems.

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